Our store, Noble White’s Jewellery, borrows its name from the flower Edelweiss, which means “noble white” in German. We are, in the first place, a provider of preserved edelweiss flowers, and our goal is to promote and spread the word about this European flower, its symbolism of love, sacrifice, bravery, and loyalty.

Old coins are authentic pieces of history. We offer necklaces with original coins from different eras and countries.

Assortment of romantic-themed jewellery. Heart-shaped necklace pendants and earrings, items with colored cubic zirconia and real amethysts – an array of selected items especially for her.

A range of thematic jewellery – sterling silver pendants, colored cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystal pendants, and gold-plated items.



The edelweiss is a native plant of the Alps, and its name means “noble white” in German. Shaped like a little star, in some languages it is called “the star of the Alps”. It is a symbol of bravery, sacrifice, and patriotism, appearing on the emblems of European military regiments and on the arms of European cities and counties. Also, according to legend, young men had to climb mountains, risking their lives in order to get an edelweiss for their brides, thus demonstrating the depth of their feelings. 


The Canadian-grown edelweiss you will receive with every purchase was cultivated in the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, a land of clear blue lakes and pristine forests. It is preserved by special treatment with white sand to last forever